SUCCEED, a project led by the USMFS, wins an Inclusive Energy Innovation Award in the United States

The United States Department of Energy (DOE) awarded 18 groups and organizations, including the United States-Mexico Foundation for Science (USMFS or FUMEC); the Inclusive Energy Innovation Award, a first-of-its-kind competition designed to support entrepreneurship and innovation in historically underserved communities across the United States.

According to DOE, the selected projects are intended to help create the next generation of clean energy companies for sustainable development in the United States. This Inclusive Energy Innovation Award supports the Biden-Harris Administration’s Justice40 initiative.

“Delivering an equitable transition to clean energy means we must break down the structural barriers that prevent those most affected by climate change from getting the support they need to develop solutions for their communities”, said US Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm.

The Inclusive Energy Innovation Award launched by DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) and the Office of Diversity and Economic Impact (ED) with additional funding from the Office of Technology Transitions, supports teams of entrepreneurs, community organizations, nonprofits, and academic institutions working to transition America to clean energy.

The HELIOS team, comprised by the USMFS and the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV), presented the project: Solar Utilization and Commercialization for Energy Efficient Devices (SUCCEED), led by the USMFS in the United States.

“We are going to work to strengthen solar energy innovation in the state of Texas by supporting startups and entrepreneurs to increase the economic potential of the Rio Grande Valley,” said Jessica Lillie, Executive Director of USMFS in the United States.

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